by upendra namburi, best-selling author of 31
Will a power play of 8 hours change the fortunes of Arya Holdings Ltd.? Will the mutli-billion dollar conglomerate spread across hotels, power, steel and liquor businesses rise above the bloodshed? Or will the PE funds and bankers make and break the deal? Is Aratrika Reddy set to emerge as a winner over the demons, both external and internal? Will Madhusudhan Reddy have the last laugh or will the Rathores outsmart him? Who will play the corporate game and who will get played? More than everything is at stake here. The truth is about to unfold between 1 am and 9 am.
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Born in Andhra Pradesh and having lived in many different places thereafter, Upendra has experienced the nuances of many cultures. Moreover, gifted with a powerful imagination, he has always believed in a bold approach to life. Apart from being an engineer, MBA and a banking and finance specialist, he is a prolific storyteller. Simple yet gritty, his writing style has a distinctness that keeps the readers turning pages without rest. His debut novel was titled 31, soon followed by 60 Minutes. The latest one – 8 Hours – promises to be a compelling read.


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